Answers to a few questions you may have about Groove Machine

If there is something that is not covered here please feel free to contact us and we be happy to answer your question.

Where is the band based?

Groove Machine is based in London.

How far will you travel to an event or function?

Our normal distance we will travel to events is about 75 miles from Central London. If your event is further please give us a call as we still might be able to accept the booking but there will be a travel surcharge.

How many people are in the band?

The band line up is very flexible, from 6 piece up to 10 piece showband that features a fabulous brass section.

What does it cost to book Groove Machine?

Our costs are tailored for each specific event, there are many factors which we take into account when supplying a price, for example: Location, venue, size of band, set-up and finish times. Please contact us for a quotation.

How long do you play for?

Usually we play 2 x 60 min sets, as we find this works best for the audience. The band can perform 3 x 40 minute sets and we are happy to tailor the performance to your requirements. This can all be sorted out well in advance and will be incorporated into the terms of the contract when you receive it.

Do you have your own PA system and lights?

Yes we have a 4k PA system which is suitable venues up to around 300 people and we also supply a stage lighting rig.

Can you supply backing music before/after your set?

Yes, we can play CD’s while the band is not playing. However, many clients these days prefer to play their own selection of music by plugging an mp3 player through our PA system.

What time do you arrive to set up?

We arrive around 5pm and it takes an hour to set the equipment up. It is possible to arrive earlier but this will increase the booking cost.

How much space do you need?

We can perform with or without staging, indoors or outdoors. The ideal area we require to perform comfortably is 16ft wide by 8ft deep. If we are to perform on a raised stage this needs to be at least 10ft deep.

Do you supply a written contract?

Yes. Once all the details have been agreed, we incorporate them into our Musicians Union approved contract. We will then send it you to sign and return back to us with the deposit to confirm the booking.

How is the play list decided?

From our experience, we know what works well at a party so we have a general idea of what we will play.  On the night we will read the floor to gauge the mood of the event and alter the play list accordingly but you are of course welcome to gives us any requests of songs you would like to hear (plus any you don’t want!!!).

Can we see you perform before we book?

Most of our performances are for private clients and are closed functions to which we never invite personal guests of our own. We hope you understand this need to respect our client’s privacy.  We have live video clips available on our website to give you an excellent idea of how we perform and what we sound like live.

I’ve been told the venue has a ‘sound limiter’ – Is this a problem?

We do not like to accept booking at venues where a sound limiter is installed. A ‘sound limiter’ is an electronic device which cuts the power to our equipment if the sound level in the room exceeds a pre-set level which has a devastating effect on the atmosphere and our performance. Please be very careful when booking as your evening could be ruined if your venue has a the sound limiter installed.